An  alpaca  is also called a vicuna, which  belongs  to  the  livestock  of  the mammalian  camel  family. There  are  4 categories  of  alpacas. The wool of all 4 is considered  top  quality  textile  material, and the wool of alpacas is the best of all.
Alpaca camels live in the Andes Mountains of South America. Peru. The Andes Mountains, located 4500  meters  above  sea level, are known for  their thin, frigid air and very  strong sunshine radiation.  Alpaca camels light, soft wool make  them well equipped to tolerate daily temperature fluctuations. 
Alpacas' fibers  are  also  called “diamond  fibers”. These  fibers  are  shiny,smooth  and  as  comfortable as  silk. These  hollow  fibers  are capable of resisting intense cold as well as preventing the loss  of  body heat. Hence, the clothing made by these fibers offers very good heat insulation as well as offering air permeability.Alpaca  wool  is  1.5  times  warmer  than  wool  floss  and  3  times  warmer  than traditional wool from sheep. Alpaca wool is also 3 times stronger than wool floss.
Alpaca  camel  hair  can  only be cut once a year. Its fiber yield is extremely rare. In ancient times, only nobility could own such fibers.