The  best  of  Merino  sheep, honorably  known  as a“ national treasure” of Australia, is  world  famous for  its thin, long hair. With a diameter of less than 18 micrometers, it is called the ultra-thin wool of Merino sheep. Due to its exceptional rarity and preciousness, it has earned the moniker of “soft platinum”.
The  most  precious  Merino sheep wool is located in the Tonbaluma Pasture,South  Welsh  of  Australia. The  geographical  environment  and  climate   in  the Tonbaluma Pasture is unique in the world and it allows for the Merino sheep wool to  be  as  thin  as 12  micrometers  or  less. The  diameter of  the ultra-thin hair of Merino sheep  used for the highest quality textile cloth is 13-18  micrometers and comes from what is called the “second cut”. This “second cut” wool is thicker and  stronger  than  the  first  cut wool, allowing for better durability, shine, hand feel and texture.