By the archived ancient & modern great books of pharmacy in the earliest time from the Shennong Bencao Jing to the Newly Revised Materia  Medica of Tang Dynasty,monograph book on edible wild plant Chiu Huang Pen Ts'ao  of  Ming Dynasty, modern Chinese  otanic Dictionary and the Medicine Dictionary of the People's Republic of China ect., Lop Kender was recorded as a treatment medicine and healthy food supplement.
As Gaubau Kender lives in the Alahake Gobi Desert of Aletai of north Xinjiang, where it is the farthest desert from the coastline on the earth(at 47°42′41〞N and 87°33′50〞E), with the intensity of ultraviolet radiation as high as grade 5, and the maximum sunshine hours can be more than 16 hours; the highest temperature there can be 41 centigrade while the lowest one is 45 centigrade below 0; the wind strength can be as strong as grade 12; it is dry with little rain and ample underground spring water and there are extensive elements in the sand soil that are beneficial to the human being's health, these complicated and extreme special living surroundings make the Gaubau Kender produce diversified resistant health care ingredients. Gaubau Kender contains the flavone 3 times of the Lop Kender's (Apocynum venetum Linn.) described in the Medicine Dictionary of the People's Republic of China and the amino acid 4 times of the normal autumn tea's. So “the Lop Kender from Alahaka Gaubau Protection Zone is regarded as the best superior type and called as the masterwork of Apocynum venetum Linn.”