Cashmere lays  in  the  frontier of  China  in  the Himalayas  Mountain Range.For years, the cashmere produced there has been used by better British tailors for their world famous woolen products. Cashmere is now the special Chinese version of floss of goats (cashmere).
Cashmerecomes from the thin floss under the coarse hair of cashmere goats with a diameter of 15-18 micrometers.
Cashmeregoats mainly live in colder regions 2000 meters above the sea level as well as long, narrow areas between deserts. Their  living environment  is known for  their  flourishing  pastures, heavy  winds, extreme  temperatures, dry climates with  little  rain,  long  sunshine  and  complex  geographical  environment.  The  cashmere goats  are mainly found in China, India, Pakistan, and Iran. It is estimated  that there are only 80 million  such  goats  in  the  world, and each cashmere goat  can  only produce 75  grams of net floss in a year, so cashmere is extremely rare and valuable.
Cashmereis classified into white, blue and purple categories. Additionally, there is a difference between the quality of active and inactive floss. The  highest  quality comes from the white goat cashmere (active floss) in the Albas of the Erdos Plateau of Inner Mongolia. This goats floss is the thinnest, longest and softest. The total output in this area accounts for one fourth of the global production. The Erdos Plateau of Inner Mongolia is named as the “home for goat cashmere”.
“Cashmere——floss of goats” is  well  known  to  the  world. It is  not  only very rarebut is also very light weight, warm, soft, smooth  and mildly-colored.  All  these characteristics have accredited it “the champion of animal fibers” and “the diamond of wool”.