Cerruti 1881 is an Italian brand of top class suit fabrics, by Nino Cerruti was founded in 1881, started with producing high-grade fabric , it  has been founded in 130,  the exquisite handcraft and yarn got the world famous brand Affirmation, the  high count wool fabric was the first choice in the top suit customize. Since 1950 it by the third generation of Mr. Nino take over after. It made out of the products was shows the static constricted fully, elegant, concise and fluent style. Many celebrities are also  Cerruti 1881 clothing regulars, such as the LanDeLun, Michael Douglas, Sharon stone, Asia star Zhourunfa  has also wore Cerruti 1881 clothing to attended the Academy Awards. Cerruti was originally famous  for production of wool fabrics, and then launch a series of men's clothing. In many big factory of men's clothing suits the inside, In many big factory of  men's clothing suits the inside,  a suit brand identity is on the left , the  fabric production marked  on the right, and  is one of the most common label in one of 1881’ s brand logo.