Founded in 1938 in Brussels by Otto Hertz, It has also become a designer and manufacturer of the finest ready-to-wear menswear and personalised made-to-measure clothing, allowing their customers to perfect the art of self-expression through their clothing. 
Scabal pioneered the made-to-measure concept some 25 years ago and is still one of the leading companies in personalised made-to-measure garments. It has also remained true to its roots and is one of the most innovative developers of new fabrics, creating new fabric qualities year after year, such as Gold Treasure, Diamond Chip, Temptation, Lapis Lazuli, Summit, Private Line. In this regard, Scabal is constantly engaged in research for ever finer and more luxurious fibres and fabric qualities. 
Scabal's production capacities are divided between a weaving plant in Yorkshire and a clothing factory in Saarbrücken. Read more on our structure. Each season, Scabal's designers develop 20 to 30 new fabric qualities and for each fabric, 30 to 40 new designs and colours. All fabrics are stocked at the Brussels headquarters. 
The accessories are made in Italy by the best craftsmen and, like the fabrics, are produced using materials of the finest quality. Scabal never ceases in its quest to refine its products further and to offer top-level quality and service !