In addition to personal business, Fancieye is committed to advanced business uniforms, senior administrative uniforms, senior clothing group business.
Its’ inception from early 80's,Fancieye successfully produced uniforms for manyfamous Hong Kong enterprises including HSBC, Chartered Bank, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Peninsula Hotel and renowned enterprises in uniforms manufacturing.In 1998,Fancieye expanded its domestic business of high-class uniforms.It has provided uniform design and executive class services to customers including North Airlines,Hongta Group,Huawei Technologies, ICBC of China-Shenzhe Branch,Shenye Pengji,Government agencies of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, TCL Group,DaYa Bay Nuclear Power Station...and more than one thousand enterprise and institutions to provide executive uniform designs and on line production services.
 Production factory " Fatin textile &fashion(Shenzhen)LTD." combine the Centuries of  traditional handicraft and the modern production technology, using the world's top Fabric,is the only one in China whose management system can competent in thousands of tailored uniforms and executed by individually tailor made scheme. So Fatin’s scale is the most standardized factory in Shenzhen and  has been praised as a "Top class workshop factory" around the global.