Factory Introduction

Fatin textile fashion(H.K)LTD founded  in 1980.Shenzhen city  huatian textile fashion co.ltd and Shenzhen city Haitang fashion Co.ltd as its subordinate enterprises.
It’s a specializing in the production of high fashion, Senior uniform production and service, the highest class of men and  women tailor, the senior textile fabric development and trade, also in the  boundary between Shenzhen Hongkong to promote a diversified economy comprehensive enterprise.

Since 1992 Fatin company have been worked with a dozens of top European fabric business cooperation. So Fatin owned the world's top fabric latest information and the most extensive supply channels to made a solid foundation for the production of highest -level products, added in hundreds  year the perfect combination of traditional crafts and modern technology, it being called that The largest advanced textile factory in Shenzhen.